Monday, April 29, 2013

Trip to Dallas for Club Foot Update

I actually went to her Dr's apointment a few weeks ago, I'm just now doing a little blog-catch-up.

Well, long story short: we drove the 3 hours up to Dallas for them to basically say she was looking good and they can't do anything But really. They said that they will do a "scanogram" when she's between 4-6 years old where they would be able to really see if there is anything they need to do. They said that her bones are still developing so an x-ray right now would be pointless. So, we'll be driving back up in about 6-8 more months to hear the same Seems so silly, but it makes for a fun road trip for Siena and I! In fact, I think next time we might just go to the State Fair! Yes, I'm already planning our next trip

Before going to her appointment we headed over to Panera Bread for some lunch. It was fantastic!

Siena was making faces at everyone that walked by.
 She likes lemons..
 And chocolate cookies..but who doesn't?
 This is in the waiting room. She loved pulling those things on and off the little pegs..she spent about 30 minutes doing that.
 They finally got us back into a room, where we proceeded to wait for 45 minutes. All in all we were waiting for almost 2 hours, and were seen for all of 10 minutes. Love the
 We got to read lots of books though!

  And Siena found a cubby to hide
 This is a funny one. Look closely, it's worth it. Siena really dislikes Doctors in general and if at any point there was a noise that might just mean that the Dr could be coming in the room, she'd make this freak-out face and come running to me. It was pretty funny.

We're glad she's doing well though! The Dr kept saying over and over how good her foot looks and almost seemed surprised by it, so that's great news!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter, a move, and lots of family!

I am behind on my blogging. We closed on and moved into our house on the first, my family came to visit(and help us move in) and then Joel's side of the family also came to visit. Here are the pictures from when they came and also from Easter morning.

This is Siena opening her easter basket that she got from Gma and Papa Reichert. Good thing they sent something or otherwise she wouldn't have gotten anything this Easter. I didn't even think about it since we were so busy with moving stuff.

 She sat there and colored for 20 minutes straight.
 Easter morning before we headed off to church.

 Siena's Easter dress that I made her.

 This was right before we took the truck back. We forgot to take pics of the process. whoops.
 One of the nights when my parents were in town we went out and stayed out a little past siena's bed-time and she got a little "slap-happy"

 I love her smoothie mustaches!

 Hanging out with Nini.
 In downtown Georgetown. James and his buddy Ethan

 Papa and Siena
 Eating at the Monument Cafe. James ate so much food!
 Siena was admiring the pastries at Round Rock Donuts.

 Siena loves her cake donuts!
 In line at Hop Doddy. I'm pretty sure this is the last time I'll be going back there. I was sick the rest of the day from eating the turkey burger I got (I thought it was going to be a was called the "continental club" Sounds like a club sandwhich right? No. It had a HUGE turkey burger on it). My body just can't handle that amount of meat anymore.

 My parents left for Houston and the Reicherts came into town. Here we are at Juan in a Million.

 Ryan and Lauren
 Joel and I
 Doug and Viv
 Cne and Siena
 Gareth and the large chinese statues?
Anyway, we had a ton of fun with all the family we had in town! It was so great getting to see everyone!