Saturday, March 30, 2013

More House Pics and Some Easter Fun

We finally remembered to take pics of the finished house! We will close on Monday and move in on Monday and we are so excited! Before we get to house pictures, I have a few fun adventures to document first.
Siena did her first real Easter egg hunt on Friday. I think I may have brought her to one last year, but she was too little to really get it. I do feel a little bad though because since we got there so late, she only got 2 eggs. But she was so excited about her 2 eggs that it didn't really matter.
 This morning we headed over to our favorite park. Here are a few fun pictures of Joel and Siena swinging.

She just LOVES the park! Ok, now for the house!
Here is a view from the front door:
 Then looking at the kitchen (p.s. that light fixture will probably be one of the first things we're going to switch out)
 Siena is already feeling right at home. She has established her Every time we have gone to look at the house she ends up in that cabinet. Love it.
 Kitchen on the left, stairs and garage door on right:
 The family room from inside the kitchen
 Family room
 Master bathroom
 and again
 Master bedroom.
 Upstairs loft area
 upstairs bath
 Loft again
 guest room
 Siena's room
And there you have it! So fun! We're so excited and feel so blessed! It's  going to be such an exciting weekend.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A visit from Cne and a daddy-daughter date!

Last weekend Cne came into town. It was so fun having her here and the weekend went by way too fast. Somehow I managed to only take 2 or 3 pictures though. So lame. Thankfully Cne had a few she had taken too.

We went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time, and look at this adorable jacket we saw! They had such cute stuff!
 We went and tried out the park that's just down the street from the new house too. Siena loved the slide. Check out what it did to her hair
 Siena wearing her "I heart auntie" shirt with aunt Cne.

In this next one Siena is trying to put her pants on her baby doll. We were laughing so hard watching her

Today I was trying to get a little packing done while Siena was playing. I looked back to see this... Look what we're cooking up for dinner tonight!!
Joel and Siena are right now on their first-ever daddy daughter date. I was so excited and thought it was too cute and therefore I had to take pics. They went to the park. Let me just tell you, the second Joel mentioned the park Siena started yelling "PLAY!!!" over and over again. She was so excited!
 Can't you just see the excitement in her face?!lol

Whenever she leaves Joel or I, or anyone for that matter, she says "bye! Luh you." (translation: love you) and does her own version of the sign language for I love you. It's adorable. I caught it on camera tonight.
 Aren't they so cute!?
Siena continued to yell "Play" all the way out the door and all the way out of my

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Joel's birthday "cake" and just a few more pics

Somehow I missed adding these pics onto the last post..

We started celebrating last night. We are going out to eat tonight and Joel thought we might be too full to really enjoy the brownie ice cream sundaes that he requested to have as his "cake" for his birthday, and therefore wanted to have it all yesterday.
 Siena has figured out how to take pictures all by herself..
 As I mentioned before, Siena loves to dress herself. This morning after finishing doing my makeup I looked over at Siena to find her like this:
  She got a hold of my pajama pants and wore them around the house all morning.
Having a toddler wear your pants will make any woman's pant size look large..time to hit the

A weekend with my dad, recent events, and a pic of the new house!

 First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing husband! We are so lucky to have you! You are the best!

We love you Joel!!!

This picture is from Valentine's day weekend.
 She is so silly!
 Joel and I have started the process of sanding down our kitchen chairs. It's time for an update. Notice the dust on Joel's face!
 We got almost all the way through sanding one chair and broke down and bought a sander.
 My dad came into town last weekend and we had so much fun! We went out to eat and did lots of fun shopping. We took my dad to Ikea..he said he wasn't sure if he'd ever gone, and we thought it was time to introduce him. We love ikea!

Siena is really into dressing herself right now. She doesn't usually get them on the right way, but my Dad was more than happy to help her put on layer after
 Eating at the Monument Cafe!

 We also went to Round Rock Donuts..
 And we tried out a vegan ice cream shop. The ice cream was good! the shop and the people there

 Siena LOVED it!

 Yes, that is medium heat salsa that my daughter is dipping her chip in.. Crazy! She loves it though!

And last but not least, here is a pic of the outside of our house!