Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Declan's 5 months and 4 month photos

 This is what he was wearing right before I stipped him down to his diaper for his monthly pics. It was too cute to not get a photo!
 I love his little tongue! So sweet.
 Declan is a BIG thumb sucker. I absolutely love it (I know someday I will eat those words, but for now I will live in ignorance.:) ) It's so sweet to find him sucking on his thumb in the mornings and after naps. Declan is such a sweet and mellow guy! All of us love him tons!
 The winner:
 Siena was so excited to get pictures with her little brother. He wasn't quite as excited.
 He would say cheese as long as Siena wasn't around. Unfortunately we are still working on that wincing reflex he has when Siena is around...lol
 I had to tickle Brighton in these next ones to get him to stay put and to make anything other than an angry face.

 Tickling was no longer working.. Love this next one anyway. So cute/funny!
It seems I have missed his 4 month pictures as well, so here are those:

 It's so fun having a little baby around. Brighton and Siena just dote on him and love him so much. It's fun to watch.

Moments like these make those "hard days" seem unreal. Love these kids!
 the 4 month winner: