Monday, April 28, 2014

Brighton's 5 Months and Easter (and 4 months..)

Looks like I forgot to post Brighton's 4 month pictures on here, so here are those.

And here are his 5 month pictures. I can't believe how time is flying! This little cutie isn't officially rolling over, but has rolled 2 times. Once from back to front and once from front to back.

 He loves to hold onto his toes, and I love it too!:)
 He is just as happy as it gets. Joel and I comment about how he never cries unless he is either very hungry, or very tired.

Good news! We got an offer on our house and are under contract. We are set to close on May 15th, so we are praying that everything goes smoothly with that. We also put an offer on a house here in Utah just yesterday and are currently in the negotiation stage of things. Hopefully we can get that all nailed down soon.
Now for our Easter pictures. We did our Easter bags on Saturday. Siena was so excited about everything. She went outside that day and played chalk quietly by herself for about a half hour. That was a great half hour for mommy and

 We also went to the community Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Siena loved collecting hte eggs. The funny thing was that they used the fire engine's sirens to alert people that it was time to start the hunt. Siena was patiently waiting outside the roped off area, and as soon as the sirens started, she screamed and went running into the after a little calming she decided she was safe enough to go collect eggs.:)

We went over to my grandma and grandpa Sellers' for dinner on Easter day and we really enjoyed that. Everything tasted splendid, as per usual! It was fun to spend time with family. After dinner, we headed over to my Dad's grave-site. I hadn't seen the tombstone yet, so it was nice to see that. Here is a picture my Uncle Terry took:
I hope your Easter was wonderful as well!