Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Museum, Raking Leaves and Other Fun Videos

Last weekend we bought a van! Hooray! I know it's silly, but I have always had a dream of owning a Honda Odyssey, and I am now a proud owner of one! Just ask Joel. I tell him about 3-10 times a day that I love my van! This picture below is from when we were at one of the dealerships waiting around for forever. Daddy's good at coming up with ideas to entertain the kids.
  We went to the museum again recently. So here are a few pictures from that outing.

 We went out and raked up the millions of leaves in our backyard on Saturday. Siena had a ball, and to be honest so did Joel and I. Using the blower to get all the leaves to one side was ingenious and way too entertaining.

This is Siena's favorite thing to do when I have some things I want to work on in my craft room. She takes my craft room trash (the box) over to the corner of the room and dumps it all out then plays with all the scraps.

Siena loves to have dance parties! Joel recently was showing siena some dance moves and having her copy him and I caught it all on video..:)

And last but not least. I recorded Siena saying a few words (because she said them in a funny/cute way) the other day. I said the word and had her repeat me. After doing that she asked if she could say some of her own words and if I could record her. I was expecting her to say a word or two and be done.. but she kept going. So here you go, the train of thought of a 3 year old.. (p.s. ignore the slight bit of toddler nudity..lol)

I'm so glad I caught these fun moments on tape! She is growing up WAY too fast!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gma and Papa Reichert Come to Visit, Halloween Costumes.. etc

I was hoping to post a few of my mobile phone pics, but I can't figure out how to get the skydrive thing to work to get them off..so I'll be posting those later when I can get Joel to help me. What would I do without Joel?!?!

If you've check out my food website- GreenLeavesAndJam.com, then you have already seen the first set of pictures, so you can just scroll on through them.

I finished the kids' Halloween costumes and I am SOO happy with the result! Siena loves her ballerina costume and Brighton... well he doesn't love it, but he looks so darn cute in it that someday he will love the pictures of it.:) He makes a pretty adorable monster.

 Siena and I also made caramel apples for our first time ever. It was lots of fun doing it with her. She was especially excited about the sprinkles. She kept telling me "Thanks for getting the sprinkles at the store!" Over and over again.

 She sprinkled all of them. She was pretty good at it too.
 Afterwards she helped me "clean" the chocolate and caramel up..

This last General Conference weekend we had Joel's parents in town. It was so fun having them here and gettting to spend time with them. Joel's brother, Ryan also came up from Provo and hung out with us. On Sunday between sessions we headed out for a walk through the mountains. It was such a gorgeous day!

I am finally having every 2-week dr's appointments for this new baby! I love it when you get to those because it means you're getting closer! 2 months + 1 week to go!