Sunday, May 29, 2016

Christmas 2015

For Christmas we headed to Houston to visit Joel's family! 
Before heading out we went to our Ward Christmas party and got a picture with Santa:
 Notice Declan's foot that is propped up on Santa's arm.. lol
The kids were pretty excited about flying on an airplane

 All buckled up and ready to go!
 Just a little bit of cousin love. Brighton loved baby Blake!

 We went to the Zoo with Uncle G and Papa Doug.
 I just love this next one. Siena reading the map just cracks me up!
We of course had to stop in at Best Donuts for some good old nostalgic donuts! Utah just doesn't know how to make a good donut so we have missed them, but Texas has it right!
 Playing at the park! It had been so col in Utah that the kids hadn't really played at the park for months, so they were pretty stoked about getting to go while in Texas!

 At the park again with Daddy.
 We're still working on this cute boy's manners..;)
 Playing with Grandma Viv
 We also got to visit Carrie and David's gravesite(my little brother and sister). We got to sing a few Children's Hymns while there, it was nice to visit.
 Headed home with these cute hooligans!

Halloween 2015

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love getting the kids all dressed up and I love taking them to all the different festivities that are going on at this time of year. 
Joel's work had a Halloween party. The kids had a blast!
 We went to a neighborhood Halloween party as well
 Painting Pumpkins
 Siena was pretty excited about meeting the princesses.
 We attended the Shriner's Halloween party as well, and Grandma joined us!
 Talking hair with Rapunzel. After going and meeting them Siena kept sitting on the ground and would flair out her dress and tell her brother in a sweet voice "come talk to Rapunzel!" It was pretty hilarious!
 Siena and I have a tradition of making caramel apples around Halloween time. She loves going to the store and picking out toppings like mini m&m's and sprinkles to put on her caramel apples.
 Siena also had a Halloween party at her preschool. We love Miss Amber so much!
 Then of course we also went trick-or-treating on Halloween night! The kids had so much fun and so did Mom and Dad. We stayed out way too late because we were all having too much fun and couldn't quit!:)
Going up to one of the doors to trick-or-treat. That blur next to me is Siena racing up the steps!

Las Vegas Trip, Summer of 2015

This is really out of order because I forgot I hadn't posted about this. Joel and I went to Las Vegas for a few days for our 4 year anniversary last August.

We found this really great NY style pizza place that was super hidden, that was a favorite place we ate at!
Joel and I went to see Blue Man Group while we were there too which was a lot of fun. We had bought nose bleed seats but got upgraded to the 5th row and had to pretend we were "late" to the show to get those seats. It was fun!

This was one of our absolute favorite meals while we were there! Gordon Ramsey's burger place was awesome! I remember liking the burger, but the fries with their jalapeno honey sauce and the creme brulee and cookies and cream shake was awesome!

Each night we went to a new hotel, our favorite hotel was The Cosmipolitan. It was such a nice room! We could see the Bellagio fountains out our window and it was gorgeous!
 The view out our window at night:

On the last day before leaving town we went to the Las Vegas LDS Temple. It was so fun to see another temple. It was a great way to end our anniversary trip!

Temple Square Christmas Lights

Over the Christmas holiday we went to Temple Square and saw the Christmas lights(Uncle Dallin was with us as well, but he didn't get into any of the pictures)!

 Don't be fooled by this little boogers face, he had a blast, but just refused to smile for pictures!
It's always fun to see the temple square lights. This is definitely a new family tradition!