Monday, October 28, 2013

Coloring Pumpkins, First Movie, Fall Festivities and 36 weeks baby!!!

A few nights ago we went and got a little pumpkin for Siena. She was so proud of her pumpkin and was so excited to color it. p.s. please excuse the baby

 This was from Friday. Tomorrow I will be officially 36 weeks! Hurrah! 4 more weeks!

 On Saturday we had our ward fall festival and I helped to put it on. I made the fun decorations for the tables. It was a lot of fun decorating these pumpkins. I must say though, I was super happy to have all but 1 claimed by others by then end of the night. The darn paint drip ones (4 of them) were on my table drying for 3 days

 Joel and Siena were little buddies for the fall festival since I was helping out and he did a great job remembering to take pictures of the night.

 Waiting for dinner.

 Cookie decorating.:)

 Getting her face painted with a red heart.
 Tonight was the discount night at our cheap theater so we headed over and took Siena to her first movie ever. We saw Dispicable Me 2 and we made it through the entire movie (thanks to a few handfuls of popcorn and strips of We had such a fun time! On the way home she kept saying "I go again!" I think she enjoyed it..:)

More fun fall festivities to come!:) I love Halloween time. There are always so many fun things to do around town!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Fun

This morning we went to a little Fall Festival our neighborhood was having. Siena had lot so fun doing the little carnival games and petting the animals. I'm pretty sure the animals were her favorite part though. She was in there  for quite some time and really loved the bunnies.
 She eventually got one ring on it..but I'm pretty sure it was only because she walked right up to it and dropped it right on.
 Doing the Cake Walk..

 She's so much more brave with animals since we have some neighbors that have sweet dogs that she really likes. I remember this time last year she didn't care much for the petting zoo stuff and maybe pet the bunnies twice. She even kept trying to pick up the bunnies this time (picking them up by the neck though...:/ ) . I felt bad for the poor bunnies though and decided I'd help her hold one for a pic.

Lots more fun fall/halloween festivities to come! Stay tuned!:)
p.s. Steph (my sister) had her baby boy last night!! Hurrah! He was almost 2 weeks overdue, so she was VERY ready to have that baby. He's a little cutie too! Does it get any better than the pictures of a brand new baby? I don't think it does.