Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brighton Has Arrived!!

 Brighton David Reichert was born on November 20th (my brother James' birthday!). I was induced and so we arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am and they hooked me up to the machines and got the ball rolling!

 He arrived at 4:55pm. He was 7 lbs 5 ounces, and 20 inches long.

 This is one proud daddy!

 Getting all cleaned up.

 Siena got to meet him about an hour later. They had just finished cleaning him up and had to keep him under the little heater while she was there so she didn't get to hold him til the next day.

 Siena and I. She's eating the ice chips they had given me.. this girl loves ice!

 The next morning Siena and my mom came to visit. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of my mom with him.

 Siena is one proud big sister. She tells everyone about her baby brother and often when I go put him down for naps she comes and asks "where'd baby brother go!?" She loves holding him and giving him hugs and kisses. It's so fun to watch her with him.

I think she's telling him secrets..:)

 It was rainy and freezing on Friday when we left the hospital so we had to bundle him up good!

 Viv was here for her birthday so we helped celebrate a bit with some cake!:)
 Siena was especially loving it!

 Pictures of his first bath right after breakfast..

 We already love this little guy so much and are so excited to have him in our family!:)

My Bday / Our Last Date as Parents of One!

My birthday was a few weeks ago and we had fun celebrating it. Our neighbor brought us over some Gigi's cupcakes for my birthday which was really sweet! (pun intended..:)
 I got some fun presents, like these new boots that I love!:)

 We went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory for dinner and brought a piece of our favorite cheesecake home with us.

 Then we walked over to Amy's Ice Cream for some fantastic dessert!
It was such a fun birthday. I really think that birthdays just get better and better as time goes on.:)

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Silly Kind of Morning..:)

This morning already has been a fun one. Siena is such a goof. First, this is how she drank her smoothie this morning:

 She is saying cheese in this next
 What a cutie..

Then, after a shower she was using my blowdryer as a  microphone.

Video of her singing.

And here are a couple from a few days ago that make me laugh. Siena had gone into the office saying she was "going to work" and it got really quiet in there a few seconds later. I went in to check on her and this is what I found:
 She was working away, just like

I love this little girl. She keeps life fun and interesting.:)