Friday, May 30, 2014

Brighton's 6 months and lots of recent happenings..

Brighton is officially 6 months old.. about 10 days He's getting old WAY too fast! Time is flying by. Things are super busy here, so I was ecstatic that we actually remembered to take his 6 month picture! He was in such a bad mood when I first started taking the pics and he had just finished wailing when I snapped the first one, as you can tell by his red puffy eyes.
 Then he decided to be happy
 And he even smiled a little
 And then a lot!:)
This little boy doesn't know how to frown for too especially when someone is giving him attention. If he has your attention, he is ALL smiles. It's wonderful! I love my happy little kid!

I have neglected all my phone photos for a while and they have really been adding up.. so here is the large pile of them from oldest to most recent:

Happy little boy!
 We went to the Natural History Museum recently and had lots of fun!

 She loved the butterflies!

 Mostly she loved the play room at the end though.. She was SOPPING by the time we left.
 After the museum we stopped in to the Corner Bakery Cafe to share a tasty cookie
 She was way into her coloring!
About a month ago we decided to do an all day pass to the local rec center. In the morning we went to the pool for about 2 hours and then headed over to ice skate. Siena loved/hated but she keeps asking to go back so she must not have hated it too much.
 Joel was so cute with her! I loved watching them from the sideline!

 Siena loves to paint her nails! She's not half bad too because she's so slow and cautious with it.
 My 2 favorite boys!:)
 We also went to the Aviary a little bit ago with some friends. They were so cute holding hands and following each other all around!

She loved the peacock
 Two cute little kiddos!

Reading books at the library.:)

The weather has been fantastic here in Utah. Siena had a fun time having a picnic outside our apt.
 Last weekend we headed to Idaho to visit my sister and her family. Siena LOVED spending time with her cousins.
 Savannah also loved holding Brighton. It was pretty cute. She referred to him as "Little chubby boy," and "chubby cheeks boy."
 The girls painting each others' nails
 2 happy babies!
Siena and Braden had some troubles getting along... This was literally one of I think 2 times that they actually got along and were able to play together Sharing is apparently hard for this stage of life..
 On Monday we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for a little Memorial Day celebration. We spent the weekend unpacking our house and needed a relaxing outing!
 Brighton and his cute little buddy hanging out at the splash pad.
 Siena and Charlie snuggled under their towel.. We forgot ours and they were kind enough to share theirs because it was a tad bit chilly.
 "To infinity and beyond!" :) that or the running man.. can't
 Happy little guy!
 Our backyard has lots of flowers, and these beauties decided to bloom yesterday.
 Hanging out at the library while Siena brought me book after book for me to read to her.
Such fun times! I have plans to post pictures of the new house, but haven't gotten to it yet. We are planning to rip out a wall, move cabinets, put in wood flooring, new countertops, and an island.. so there is much work to be done and I believe most of it will happen over the next 2 weeks to a month! Can't wait to have some fun before and after pics to share!