Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gorillas and Sweet Dance Moves!

Explanation of the first part of the video: Siena has this book that has animals in it and on the page that has a gorilla it says " I'm a gorilla and I thump my chest." This is the only one that she's caught onto, and she will now come up to me carrying that book, thumping her chest and saying "Ga-Ga." lol funny little thing.

Explanation for the second part: She loves to dance to music. Check out her sweet dance moves!lol

Campfire, dress up and garage sales..:)

Joel was reading Siena's favorite book to her before leaving for work

She sleeps in the weirdest positions!

Siena loves snuggling with Daddy while he's working!

I made some chocolate banana bread a little bit ago, and Siena LOVED IT!:)

We went this last weekend and did a campfire with some friends. There was a donkey nearby and Siena was not a fan!

I let Siena have a chocolate cookie and she was in heaven!

Last weekend we got a few dress-up items for Siena at garage sales and she especially loves her skirt!lol

Our finds this last weekend at garage sales:
We got 
  • 2 blue ray dvd's for $3 each (How To Train Your Dragon and A Bug's Life),
  • 3 more dvd's for $2 each (Lion King, The Wind in the Willows, and Tinkerbell)
  • a Tinkerbell dress-up outfit and a fluffy dress-up skirt for free (It was the same garage sale as the movies and I guess the ladie's sister didn't want to go down in price on the I'm pretty sure she gave us the dress-up stuff for free!)
  • A pair of jeans for me which surprisingly fit PERFECTLY, for $2
  • and the Racquetball racket was actually from craigslist for $5. 
Anyway! That's the latest here. Hope things are going well for you!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best find yet!

Well, today Joel and I got this trunk at a garage sale. Joel and I had given the man the money before we looked at it too closely. After looking closer we began to notice quite a few imperfections. I also began to question our purchase. Now I want to keep it for our home! We used a little wood filler ( for the massive gap you will see in one of the pictures below), sanded it down and painted it and now it looks great! The photos don't do it but check it out!
The original trunk.

Notice this awful gap in the wood!

Pretty cool huh?! We love it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Open Please..."

Siena has picked up the word open, and the way she says it is so darn cute!:) She has a toy chest that she always asks for us to "Ohh puh.."

Goofy Girl

 We decided that we need to make a collage of all of Siena's sleeping positions. Funny little things looks like she's just chilling in this one.

Siena loves her new hat! She wears it everywhere!

Yes mom, that is the 0-3 month dress that you got siena..I swear she is growing, just apparently in length Sure makes for a cute shirt though!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We love a good garage sale

 I know we've mentioned that we have a love for garage saling..but I just wanted to share what we got at our most recent trip for Siena for $6.
  • 4 shirts (1 still had the tag)
  • 1 puffy coat in great condition
  • 5 books(2 Olivia books, 2 Dr Seuss books, and 1 Eric Carle book that had 7 books inside it!)
  • 1 sun hat
  • 2 sets of pj's
  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of shorts
 I love when you find a few great garage sales. We use a website called (the app is the best!). You can go through and click on each garage sale and see what they posted about it to see if it's something you would be interested in.  Then you can either click the X(this makes them transparent so you know you don't want to go to it), or the little save button(they turn purple so you know which ones are good), and then we map our route the night before. 

Last weekend we got 2 benches that we re-finished and just put some new fabric on them, but we had to paint one of them because it had some purple paint on it. Here is the finished product:

Pretty darn cute! If we had some more extra space I would definitely be keeping one of them!

Monday, September 3, 2012

When Grandpa came to town!

 My dad, Ron, was in town this weekend! He had work up in Dallas and drove down to spend the long weekend with us!  Although it was only a weekend and therefore a short little trip, boy did we take advantage of it! We went to the children's museum, went and saw the new Batman, went and saw the bats in downtown Austin, went out to eat a couple of times, saw the capitol building, etc. It was a great weekend and it was so fun to have him here!

Siena LOVED all the colorful golf balls!lol

Our little construction worker!

She had so much fun at the museum just running from thing to thing!

Afterward we headed over to Hopdoddy! SOO yummy!:)

Little miss loved reading with Gpa

She loves to click her tongue. Joel got a picture

At the capitol

Under the dome

At the bats

While at the bats we saw 2 characters from 30 Rock the TV show(the 2 guys in the picture)

She loves Grandpa!

Our little diva! the stroller didn't roll well on the gravel so we carried her in the

the fun decorations inside the Freebirds downtown!

We loved having my dad here! It was a great weekend! Hope you had a great labor day weekend!