Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well I now know that Siena takes after her mom.  She loves sweet things!lol She LOVES yams, and even peas, but HATES green beans and chicken.  This morning I tried chicken for the first time..and this is what I got:
This was followed by more gagging and spitting out until she just flat out wouldn't even open her

Side note: Yesterday she rolled from her back to her stomach twice.  She hasn't done it since, but at least we know she can do it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Live Nativity

Last night we went with Doug and Tricia and some of their family to a live nativity.  It was a lot of fun! We got some good pictures too. These first 2 were when I was trying to figure out the best settings for our camera..but I think they're kinda cool.

P.s. It was FREEZING!! 20 degrees! Wahoo!lol but still fun!

Our first attempt of a picture with a camel

This guy was going around asking if your baby was a boy and how old..Beckham nearly slid by!

Siena with a donkey

The cute Sommers family!

Joel with the 3 wisemen!

Us with the awesome camel!

A lady spinning thread

Baby Beckham in his modern-day

It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed looking at all the costumes and really getting into the Christmas spirit!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hunger Games..

Dear family and friends.. I am currently on a race against time to finish the first book in the Hunger Games series! Rachel let me borrow it on my kindle, and they only give you 2 weeks of borrowing, so I am attempting to finish it in that time..We shall see! Therefore our blog posts will probably be slow this week and possibly next as well.  Hope your holidays are swell!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The "to be continued" rolling story

Ok, it wouldn't let me load another video on that posting, so I just decided to make another post..and it worked.. so here you go! She totally rolls over even with her shoes and here's the proof:

This next video is just one that I took today after she finished eating.  We were listening to Christmas music so I was kind of bobbing my head and she began please excuse the poor film job because like i said, I was bobbing my head.

Guess who started rolling today!?

This morning Siena rolled over for the first time ever during her tummy time!:)

She had her shoes off when she rolled for the first time, so I was wondering if she could do it with her shoes on, so I got another video..but it won't upload so I'll try again later and see if I can get that one on here as well. So for now, to be continued...