Thursday, December 1, 2011

The "to be continued" rolling story

Ok, it wouldn't let me load another video on that posting, so I just decided to make another post..and it worked.. so here you go! She totally rolls over even with her shoes and here's the proof:

This next video is just one that I took today after she finished eating.  We were listening to Christmas music so I was kind of bobbing my head and she began please excuse the poor film job because like i said, I was bobbing my head.


  1. Today all you girls gave me a smile and a chuckle with your blog posts. I had to smile at Danielle's Christmas tree post, Rachel's beautiful Christmas songs and I had an outright chuckle with these DARLING posts of Siena and you interacting together. So fun you cheering her on to roll over and then the sweetest, fun one of you making her laugh. Just LOVED this post! Great way to start my week off! I'll have to come back for more and see this again and again! Love it!

  2. haha thanks grams! And thanks for always watching/reading our posts! I enjoy doing this just for the fact that family can see her growing as well! Blogging is the best for that reason! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

  3. SO cute! I love this & that cute little tot!