Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween pictures and happenings for Oct. and beginning of Nov.

When the Reicherts came into town, they got a baby swing for our backyard swingset. Brighton absolutely loves it. He giggles the whole time. I got the cutest video of his giggles the other day:

Brighton was "talking on his cell phone" the other day at breakfast and I caught it on tape. Pretty cute stuff!

After picking some of our flowers in our backyard.:)
 Siena ripped up a foam cup and was amused at how it just stuck to brighton's
 This is how Joel entertained Brighton the other day while I made dinner. He played inside that box for almost an hour!

 Cute sleepy little boy
The week of Halloween we headed to the library for their Halloween party. Brighton wasn't too amused, but Siena loved every second of it!
 Making a witch hat.

 Our house is pretty cold in the mornings, so this is our usual ritual. We eat breakfast then the kids head over to sit by the vent until the house heats up all the way.:) Our little hobos!
The other day at the park Siena was playing with a cup she found and was filling it with the mulch from the playground. It was cute when Brighton figured out what she was doing and joined in. This kid is getting so much personality!

This is Brighton's favorite spot.. he LOVES hanging out on the stairs. Mom doesn't love it quite as much though.
Halloween day we headed over to Joel's work for the kids to go trick-or-treating there. One of the guys at Joel's work dressed up as a MASSIVE Olaf. Siena was terrified of him! Seriously. It was a little sad, but mostly comical(does saying that make me a bad mom??lol) After heading out to the car I got a video of Joel asking her about Olaf..

The night of Halloween we hung outside while we waited for Daddy to come home from work and then headed over to get a Costco pizza to start off our halloween night with an unhealthy

 Brighton LOVES sitting up on daddy's shoulders.
 When we went trick-or-treating Siena's shoes were hurting her so she would go and knock  on the door or ring the doorbell then sit down and rub her feet until someone came to the door. Then she'd jump up and say "trick-or treat!" It was hilarious! She didn't want to stop either. we did this for at least 10 or so doors.

The day after Halloween we headed over the the "original pancake house" for some AMAZING pancakes and french toast! It was SOO tasty! We had to wait for quite a while to get seated, but in the end we felt it was totally worth it!
 Joel has become quite the handy-man around our house. Oh the things you quickly have to learn when you move into an old house (especially one that used to be a rental for almost 10 years.. talk about years of neglect..). Anyway. Joel was fixing a leaky shower that's been dripping since we moved in.
 The other day I went in to get Siena from her nap/quiet time and she told me she had made a tower for her "friends" beceause they didn't want to get "sworded" by Hans! Lol .(notice Hans at the bottom of the towers). This girl is creative!
 Poor little Brighton got pink eye this last week/weekend along with a nasty cough/cold. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Luckily he was still a pretty happy little guy through it all!
 Yesterday I stayed home with Brighton while Joel took Siena to church since Brighton was sick. It was really fun to get some one on one time with this kiddo. He was chatting up a storm! Boy do we love this little guy!