Friday, July 15, 2011

Binky Clips and a new Carseat Canopy!

I saw a little while ago the cutest idea! A woman had crocheted this adorable binky clip! So I gave it a try! Here's what mine turned out to look like:
Once again..the darn pictures are turning sideways..lame!
I love this one! After finishing that one, I decided to give it another try and do something just a little different with fabric instead of yarn. Here's the end result of that one:
INSTRUCTIONS: To make the crocheted one I just followed the instructions on the A Bit of Sunshine blog.  You can click on that link to get there.  For the flower on the purple crocheted binky clip I used the tutorial on this website. For the flower on the fabric binky clip, I used the pattern that is linked on the A Bit of Sunshine tutorial for the crocheted binky clip.

To make the fabric binky clip I just once again used a suspenders clip and then made a tube of fabric by cutting the fabric twice as thick as I was wanting it, and then adding seam allowances.  I then folded it over onto itself right sides together and stitched a seam along the outside edge, like this:

Then I just turned that strip right side out  so that I had a tube like this:

I then folded one end inwards so that the raw edges were tucked inside the tube.  I braided 3 strands of yarn together, made a knot in each end of the braid, and stuffed that inside the tube as well.  I edgestitched along the edge that I had folded to the inside of the tube and made sure that the braided yarn was being caught in those stitches.
For the side with the actual clip, I folded over the last unfinished end twice and stitched along that edge.  Before stitching it closed though I stuck the suspenders clip inside the fold before stitching so I didn't have to do an extra step. I hand stitched the teal flower and button onto the end of the binky clip and voila! It was finished! Two new binky clips! for the Car Seat Canopy.. I totally meant to take pictures as I went, but once I got started I just got so into it that I completely forgot to take pictures! HOWEVER! I looked up a tutorial for a car seat canopy that was similar to the same steps I did to make my canopy.  Here's the link for that tutorial:
There were just a few things that I did differently, but the main one was that I added the bows to the handle pieces as well as the strip to it.  You don't have to do this, I just thought it would be cute, so I added it!

Here's some pictures of my completed car seat canopy!:

Little tip: Don't make your handle straps too far apart! I think mine are just a little too far apart and so they seem like I may have troubles keeping it up on the handle. I plan to re-sew them just a little closer together.  Good luck! Happy sewing!

Baby Shower!

This last weekend I had my baby shower! It was so great! Tricia and Rachel did such a great job putting it on! It was at Tricia's house and was just a lot of fun! We had a great turn out too which was nice!  Rach was the photographer, so thanks to her for all the pictures! Here are some of those:

Doug and Tricia's adorable little boy! He was so content the whole time! What a cutie!

A little nightie from Nikki!

Adorable little pants from Sierra that came with a shirt that has a Giraffe on it! So cute!

Mmm..Lindor truffles from Tricia!!

Oh man! These are totally baby jeggings!lol love baby jeggings!:)

A fun dress from Dani!
Cute little Beckham once again!

Poor Kourtney got bored pretty quickly, but got so excited to help out with the last gift!

Aunt Melody gave us this great swing that I'm so excited to use!

Uh..I was looking through the pictures, and this one showed up.. explanation rach?haha

Me and the wonderful Sierra

The lovely Sydney and I!

And I just love Nikki and Kourtney!
Like I said, it was so fun! And everyone was so generous! Thanks so much to Tricia and Rach for all the work they did to make it so great! And to Dani for helping out with the food as well! Everything was so tasty!:)
Wish I could have posted pictures of ALL of the adorable baby things we got! Can't wait to actually have a little one to put all the clothes on and test out that swing and all that jazz!! p.s. A little less than 2 weeks til she's due!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our weekend in pictures!

This weekend was so great! I love 3 day weekends!

On Friday Joel and I went to the dollar movies and saw fast five(which was a good one, I just had to drive home because I knew that those kinds of movies always affect joel's driving on the way home..suddenly he thinks he's a part of the movie.haha).  We also remembered to take pregnancy pictures after that so here are those pictures:
I am 36 weeks pregnant in this picture(I will be 37 weeks tomorrow!:))
Saturday we traveled up to Idaho with my Grandma and Grandpa Sellers, and  my dad for the baby blessing of Stephanie's new addition, Braden.
Savannah and Joel are best buds!:)

We told Savannah to show us her toothy grin and this is what we  so cute!

I had some sparklers that I had gotten from a friend a while ago so we thought we'd give them a try:

Savannah was all about the sparklers!!

haha yikes! She's totally reaching for it!lol We must have caught her before she touched it though because this isn't the tragic end to the event.  That was when she decided to pick up one of the old sparklers that was still hot.. Hopefully she's not scarred from sparklers for the rest of her life..: /

Gpa Sellers, the photographer of all the events!

Sunday. The baby blessing was great and Braden looked so cute in his little white vest and pants.  Afterward we headed off to the park for a picnic that Chris's family was putting on.

And of course, we had to take some pictures before heading back to Utah.

Look how cute they are!
It was sad to go so soon, but it was a fun little trip!

Monday! Happy 4th of July!! Joel and I headed off to the Provo parade! It was soooo crowded!! I couldn't even believe how many ppl there were! They had lots of cool floats and it was a lot of fun!


  I don't know how they hula dance all the way down University! That'd be so tiring!


 They even had the Mission president, his wife and the missionaries in the parade! Kinda fun!

 This girl was doing gymnastics on a moving horse! No idea how someone does that!lol At one point she even did a hand stand.

Then, later that night we headed over for the Blackham family's annual 4th of July barbeque! It was great to see the Blackhams, and as usual, the party was great too!

Cute little Kourtney!

Joel played the part of the paparazzi(testing out our new camera's while we walked around and gave out glow sticks to all the little kids before we did fireworks

It was totally raining on us for a while!

Lots of cool fireworks:
Idk if you can see it, but there were some fireworks being done around the corner from us that were right in line with the U.S. flag. made for a pretty cool picture!

Attempting to get another picture of the fireworks with the flag again!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend! Did I mention that I LOVE 3 day weekends! It was great to have so much time with Joel and also to be able to do so many fun things and see people we haven't seen for a while/spend time with family! Loved every second of it!