Friday, July 15, 2011

Binky Clips and a new Carseat Canopy!

I saw a little while ago the cutest idea! A woman had crocheted this adorable binky clip! So I gave it a try! Here's what mine turned out to look like:
Once again..the darn pictures are turning sideways..lame!
I love this one! After finishing that one, I decided to give it another try and do something just a little different with fabric instead of yarn. Here's the end result of that one:
INSTRUCTIONS: To make the crocheted one I just followed the instructions on the A Bit of Sunshine blog.  You can click on that link to get there.  For the flower on the purple crocheted binky clip I used the tutorial on this website. For the flower on the fabric binky clip, I used the pattern that is linked on the A Bit of Sunshine tutorial for the crocheted binky clip.

To make the fabric binky clip I just once again used a suspenders clip and then made a tube of fabric by cutting the fabric twice as thick as I was wanting it, and then adding seam allowances.  I then folded it over onto itself right sides together and stitched a seam along the outside edge, like this:

Then I just turned that strip right side out  so that I had a tube like this:

I then folded one end inwards so that the raw edges were tucked inside the tube.  I braided 3 strands of yarn together, made a knot in each end of the braid, and stuffed that inside the tube as well.  I edgestitched along the edge that I had folded to the inside of the tube and made sure that the braided yarn was being caught in those stitches.
For the side with the actual clip, I folded over the last unfinished end twice and stitched along that edge.  Before stitching it closed though I stuck the suspenders clip inside the fold before stitching so I didn't have to do an extra step. I hand stitched the teal flower and button onto the end of the binky clip and voila! It was finished! Two new binky clips! for the Car Seat Canopy.. I totally meant to take pictures as I went, but once I got started I just got so into it that I completely forgot to take pictures! HOWEVER! I looked up a tutorial for a car seat canopy that was similar to the same steps I did to make my canopy.  Here's the link for that tutorial:
There were just a few things that I did differently, but the main one was that I added the bows to the handle pieces as well as the strip to it.  You don't have to do this, I just thought it would be cute, so I added it!

Here's some pictures of my completed car seat canopy!:

Little tip: Don't make your handle straps too far apart! I think mine are just a little too far apart and so they seem like I may have troubles keeping it up on the handle. I plan to re-sew them just a little closer together.  Good luck! Happy sewing!


  1. This is great!!! Beautiful!!!! You are awesome :)

  2. Your carseat canopy turned out so cute!!!