Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Shower!

This last weekend I had my baby shower! It was so great! Tricia and Rachel did such a great job putting it on! It was at Tricia's house and was just a lot of fun! We had a great turn out too which was nice!  Rach was the photographer, so thanks to her for all the pictures! Here are some of those:

Doug and Tricia's adorable little boy! He was so content the whole time! What a cutie!

A little nightie from Nikki!

Adorable little pants from Sierra that came with a shirt that has a Giraffe on it! So cute!

Mmm..Lindor truffles from Tricia!!

Oh man! These are totally baby jeggings!lol love baby jeggings!:)

A fun dress from Dani!
Cute little Beckham once again!

Poor Kourtney got bored pretty quickly, but got so excited to help out with the last gift!

Aunt Melody gave us this great swing that I'm so excited to use!

Uh..I was looking through the pictures, and this one showed up.. explanation rach?haha

Me and the wonderful Sierra

The lovely Sydney and I!

And I just love Nikki and Kourtney!
Like I said, it was so fun! And everyone was so generous! Thanks so much to Tricia and Rach for all the work they did to make it so great! And to Dani for helping out with the food as well! Everything was so tasty!:)
Wish I could have posted pictures of ALL of the adorable baby things we got! Can't wait to actually have a little one to put all the clothes on and test out that swing and all that jazz!! p.s. A little less than 2 weeks til she's due!

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