Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our weekend in pictures!

This weekend was so great! I love 3 day weekends!

On Friday Joel and I went to the dollar movies and saw fast five(which was a good one, I just had to drive home because I knew that those kinds of movies always affect joel's driving on the way home..suddenly he thinks he's a part of the movie.haha).  We also remembered to take pregnancy pictures after that so here are those pictures:
I am 36 weeks pregnant in this picture(I will be 37 weeks tomorrow!:))
Saturday we traveled up to Idaho with my Grandma and Grandpa Sellers, and  my dad for the baby blessing of Stephanie's new addition, Braden.
Savannah and Joel are best buds!:)

We told Savannah to show us her toothy grin and this is what we got.lol  so cute!

I had some sparklers that I had gotten from a friend a while ago so we thought we'd give them a try:

Savannah was all about the sparklers!!

haha yikes! She's totally reaching for it!lol We must have caught her before she touched it though because this isn't the tragic end to the event.  That was when she decided to pick up one of the old sparklers that was still hot.. Hopefully she's not scarred from sparklers for the rest of her life..: /

Gpa Sellers, the photographer of all the events!

Sunday. The baby blessing was great and Braden looked so cute in his little white vest and pants.  Afterward we headed off to the park for a picnic that Chris's family was putting on.

And of course, we had to take some pictures before heading back to Utah.

Look how cute they are!
It was sad to go so soon, but it was a fun little trip!

Monday! Happy 4th of July!! Joel and I headed off to the Provo parade! It was soooo crowded!! I couldn't even believe how many ppl there were! They had lots of cool floats and it was a lot of fun!


  I don't know how they hula dance all the way down University! That'd be so tiring!


 They even had the Mission president, his wife and the missionaries in the parade! Kinda fun!

 This girl was doing gymnastics on a moving horse! No idea how someone does that!lol At one point she even did a hand stand.

Then, later that night we headed over for the Blackham family's annual 4th of July barbeque! It was great to see the Blackhams, and as usual, the party was great too!

Cute little Kourtney!

Joel played the part of the paparazzi(testing out our new camera's settings.lol) while we walked around and gave out glow sticks to all the little kids before we did fireworks

It was totally raining on us for a while!

Lots of cool fireworks:
Idk if you can see it, but there were some fireworks being done around the corner from us that were right in line with the U.S. flag. made for a pretty cool picture!

Attempting to get another picture of the fireworks with the flag again!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend! Did I mention that I LOVE 3 day weekends! It was great to have so much time with Joel and also to be able to do so many fun things and see people we haven't seen for a while/spend time with family! Loved every second of it!


  1. lovvvve all your new pics! looks like fun!

  2. Oh I love all those pictures, too! Savannah is SO big! I'm so sad we didn't meet up for the parade :( We looked for ya'll though! We walked up almost to 5th north! I tried calling, but figured it was a little loud :) The floats were so fun to see!

  3. This was heaven sent, Kristin! I just LOVED seeing all the photos, seeing you and Joel sharing so many good times, seeing the fireworks (only ones I have seen this time around) and just seeing all the happy faces! Sure appreciated this amazing blog entry! Love you!

  4. You too are so cute! I am such a lucky parent. Hope you two have as good of kids as you are!