Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Post-Valentine's day cookies

I am going to attempt getting back into a routine of blogging again.

Today I documented a few cute moments and didn't want to lose these pictures in the midst of all the other millions of photos on my computer.

Brighton got a little after-bath play time in a diaper.. baby chub is probably the best thing on this planet, so how could I not document this little butter ball?
The kids and I cut out sugar cookies and then Siena and I iced them while the boys were down for naps. Pure joy right here:
Life is good. We are one month away from our new house being complete too which is amazing. Joel and I also planned an awesome little getaway to Europe in the meantime (thanks to my fabulous parents and sister who have agreed to watching our kids while we're gone!!), can we go yet?!?!