Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We moved... to Utah! (and Brighton's 3 mo pic)

Well, this may surprise some of you, but we moved out to Utah a few weeks ago. We were all packed up to go out to California when Joel got a call from a buddy to come interview for a job out here in Salt Lake. A few days later he flew out for the interview, got the job, and the next day we loaded the car up and headed for Utah! It was a whirlwind, but we are enjoying it so far. We gave up a lot, but we think that this will be a good move in the end for our family.

My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim were gracious enough to let us stay with them for almost 2 weeks while we found an apartment to stay in. While we were there we got to go to the Hogle Zoo with my Aunt Kathy and sweet Hank(her grandson). It was fun having him show us around the zoo. He's been there so many times that he knew exactly what was coming next! Siena absolutely loved seeing all the animals. Oddly enough, I think the snake house thing was her favorite..lol  She also loved the elephants, giraffes and polar bear (which we almost couldn't tell that it was a polar bear and not a grizzly because it was so dirty).
 Siena and Hank playing in the "eagle's nest."
 Playing on the polar bears.
 Siena was telling the bug on the ground to go away..lol
 She eagerly waited her turn to sit on the elephants trunk to get her picture.
While looking at the monkeys she grabbed the back of the stroller and said she wanted to show Brighton the monkeys. She rolled him right up to the glass and started telling him about them. It was pretty cute.
 2 saturdays ago we headed down to downtown Salt Lake and went to the City Creek Mall. We then saw how close the temple was and decided to head over there to get a few pictures and show Siena the temple. She loved it. While we were in Nordstrom at the City Creek Mall, Siena fell over on a chair and the clerk there gave her one of their display balloons. She was STOKED about that balloon!

 Checking out the awesome water features.
 There were also lots of dogs there.. Siena is so comfortable with dogs (which makes me VERY nervous by the way), that she walked right up to the great danes. Ah! The people claimed they were very mild and sweet dogs with children though..but I was still extremely nervous..
 One of the curses blessings of Utah is the snow! It snowed this morning. Siena was sooo elated when she looked out the morning. She said: "I'm going to go play in the snow and build a snowman!" She's never played in snow, so this was quite a treat!
 After a few seconds of walking around in it she said "Elsa's here mommy! I'm going to go find her!" then started heading off to find Elsa..lol
 And of course, we built a snowman:

 Then she asked me to sing "Let It Go" while she threw snow in the air..lol This girl's got spunk.
I forgot to post Brighton's 3 month picture but luckily I remembered to take it. It's almost time for the 4 month picture. It's crazy how time is flying! (p.s. I weighed him this morning and he weighs somewhere between 18-19 lbs!! I can't believe that my sweet little boy is so big already!):

 Siena then requested that I take a photo of her and I'm so glad she did because I got this darling picture of her:

Anyway, that is our update for now.