Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretend Play and "Geh Woo!"

I posted this picture on facebook, so most of you have seen this next one, but I want it for "family records" on our blog.
Siena is kneeling and folding her arms through our entire family prayers at night. It's probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. It's so hard to not just watch her and chuckle the whole time!

I recently pulled out the keyboard that I have and Siena is loving her time at the piano!

 This video has 2 videos in one. The first is from thanksgiving actually. It was the first time that Joel and I had seen her do "pretend play." It was pretty hilarious watching her feed herself fake food. The second is of her at the piano dancing to the music. We can't turn music on at all without her bobbing her head like she does in the video. I love it!

Today during playtime, Siena wanted 2 skirts I helped her put them on, she then went right over and started trying to step into a 3rd!lol She loves to dress up.
This next one makes me laugh. The other day when I told Siena that it was time to go, I put on her shoes and coat and she then jumped up and ran for my room saying something I couldn't understand. She took me to my closet and stood there pointing saying that same phrase until I picked her up and she began thumbing through my clothes. She was looking for my coat! So funny! She totally knows and understands more than I realize!

Funny story from tonight: Siena hates it when Joel and I are affectionate. The second she sees Joel and I hugging or kissing or anything, she immediately starts to whine and/or throw herself at us to get our attention..umm how is it that a 1.5 year old can already have the teenage "get a room" syndrome? In fact, tonight I hugged Joel and she began to whine,  so I pushed it further and kissed joel..she whined louder..after a few seconds of this Joel and I laughed and then went back to the things we were doing. I made a comment to Joel about how Siena was probably saying "GET A ROOM" in her own baby language.. she then repeated " geh woo!" as in "get a room!" I was dying!lol

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Chirstmas Part II

I found a few more pictures from Christmas.

We went to Los Cucos for dinner on Christmas Eve, then we all got to open one present that night. Siena got a doll, or "baby" as she calls it. Let's just say she was

 Can't seem to figure out why this one is sideways. Sorry

 Christmas morning.

 She got an "I love auntie" outfit from Cne!

We also got to go to the temple while we were in Houston.

 Did I mention that siena loves hats?:)

Joel and I made a pretty perfect looking(and tasting..) pizza while we were there as well.
 Siena and I went to visit the Blackhams and Kourtney just loved Siena. She carried her everywhere. It was pretty comical.

When we got home Siena was so happy to have all her toys back. She carried her giraffe, Piglet and Dog around the house until it was time to go to bed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home for the Holidays

 For our Christmas vacation we headed over to Houston to see family. It was such a fun time! Cne even agreed to taking some new family pictures for us! Here are some of our faves!

 She did such a great job. Thanks Cne! Other than that, we did a lot of hanging out, watching movies, playing games, going to the movies..etc. We had such a fun time!
 This little girl loves hats!
 And computers.. she looks like a pro!
 She also loves her Papa Reichert! And thank goodness he took pictures, because we didn't take very many.

Hope your holidays were just as wonderful as ours were!