Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny Giggles and a Poor Little Sick-y

 Poor Siena has been sick the last couple days. The picture below is from about a week ago when she had a fever. She didn't want to do anything but be held. I had to make dinner so I turned on Tinkerbell. She had never seen it before..she asked the next 3 days for "beebow" (tinkerbell).. I think she's finally forgotten about it.
 We went to the library today.. Did I get enough books?! We also got 4 books for Siena. That was a fun bunch to lug out of the library.
 It was raining the other day so we pulled out the umbrella. Siena loved carrying the "ella," as she calls it, around the house.
It was also SUPER windy on Monday and I got a video of Siena playing on our back porch in the wind. She kills me!
Siena has also been doing this funny thing the last couple of days where whenever she cries or gets upset about anything she swipes her face with her hand and says "Sahh.. Sahh!" as in "sad!" I can't help but laugh it's so cute/funny! We love her lots!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh so kissable!

 I had to wake Siena up from her nap on Saturday, and when I went in, this is how she was sleeping. Check out that lip!
 Oh man! So cute! In case you missed it...

On Valentine's day we had a little picnic with some friends. Here's a sweet picture of Charlie going in for a kiss! Siena turned at the last second when I tried to snap the pic.

Tonight I busted out the paint that I bought for Siena a few days ago.Can someone please explain to me why the "washable paint" stained her hands red? She asked periodically the rest of the night if I would wash her

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We're Moving!!!

Joel and I will be closing on our first home in early April. We have been thinking about whether to buy or continue renting for several months and we finally decided it was the right time.

This sign used to say for sale...
It is such a crazy process trying to analyze all of the pros and cons of renting vs. buying. But we are very happy with our decision in the end. We thought it would be fun to list all of the pros of buying a house that we came up with.

Pros of buying a house (for the Reichert's):
  1. More space (we've lived in 2 apartments with less than 1000 sq. feet for almost 3 years)
  2. Start building equity in our home - give us flexibility to start saving for other goals as well
  3. Sense of stability - we want to feel more permanent and establish some roots
  4. More rooms - I get a craft room. Joel gets an office. We'll have  a guest room for family!
  5. 2 car garage
  6. A pretty yard to play in
  7. Lots of Storage - tons of cabinets, shelving, garage, other storage throughout
  8. You can paint, decorate and do whatever you want to your house
  9. Awesome pool, tennis court, fitness center, walking trails, play grounds, etc for the family
  10. Home prices and interest rates are still very low - nowhere to go but up... hopefully...
  11. Less noisy neighbors / more privacy
  12. Less shady characters around
  13. The trains won't be going by all day and in the middle of the night
  14. Right next to some great shopping
  15. Still a short commute for Joel - about 10-15 minutes
  16. Great ward for church and great neighborhood - family friendly
  17. Less speed bumps - we go over about 5 both ways coming and going in our complex
The list goes on and on, but these are a lot of the main reasons we are excited.

P.S. The house is really pretty, I can't wait to share the pictures. It's not fully finished yet, so we will post pictures once it's done (approximately 30 days or so).

Also, today we went to Monument Cafe and it was really tasty...

 Siena had her sunglasses on her head almost the whole time. Funny little thing...