Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh so kissable!

 I had to wake Siena up from her nap on Saturday, and when I went in, this is how she was sleeping. Check out that lip!
 Oh man! So cute! In case you missed it...

On Valentine's day we had a little picnic with some friends. Here's a sweet picture of Charlie going in for a kiss! Siena turned at the last second when I tried to snap the pic.

Tonight I busted out the paint that I bought for Siena a few days ago.Can someone please explain to me why the "washable paint" stained her hands red? She asked periodically the rest of the night if I would wash her

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  1. Kristin, thank you, thank you for these little glimpses! How I love to read them and to see the fun pictures! The little hands shot is just adorable and I got a laugh out of her asking you to wash her hands again. Hugs and kisses to all the Reikerts! Sending love your way!