Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny Giggles and a Poor Little Sick-y

 Poor Siena has been sick the last couple days. The picture below is from about a week ago when she had a fever. She didn't want to do anything but be held. I had to make dinner so I turned on Tinkerbell. She had never seen it before..she asked the next 3 days for "beebow" (tinkerbell).. I think she's finally forgotten about it.
 We went to the library today.. Did I get enough books?! We also got 4 books for Siena. That was a fun bunch to lug out of the library.
 It was raining the other day so we pulled out the umbrella. Siena loved carrying the "ella," as she calls it, around the house.
It was also SUPER windy on Monday and I got a video of Siena playing on our back porch in the wind. She kills me!
Siena has also been doing this funny thing the last couple of days where whenever she cries or gets upset about anything she swipes her face with her hand and says "Sahh.. Sahh!" as in "sad!" I can't help but laugh it's so cute/funny! We love her lots!

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