Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Singing to Adele

Besides all of her little kiddie music, I'm pretty sure that Siena's favorite singer is Adele. She's the only one that she gets excited about when we turn it on and then also tries to sing along with it. It's pretty funny when she does. Today I caught her on tape singing along with "Turning Tables." Check it out:
A few side-notes before you watch:
  • whenever there is vibrato she shakes her shoulders and sings along.
  • She also thinks that "you" means me..and therefore she points to herself in a part where she says "you." lol
I tried to edit it so it wasn't forever long, so please ignore the choppiness of it.


  1. So cute! She is going to be a singer like her Momma. By the way, Annelise keeps begging to watch this video over and over. :D

  2. That was so funny, especially the shaking of the shoulders part! Sure enjoyed this, Kristin! She is so darn cute! Nice to see that she is enjoying the little giraffe I sent to her, too! So glad you are doing this blog and now you need to get Stephanie on the ball!

  3. Haha I agree! Her kids say the funniest things! I'll try to work on her!:) And yes, she loves that giraffe! That and her piglet that you gave her too! She takes them all over!