Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Joel's birthday "cake" and just a few more pics

Somehow I missed adding these pics onto the last post..

We started celebrating last night. We are going out to eat tonight and Joel thought we might be too full to really enjoy the brownie ice cream sundaes that he requested to have as his "cake" for his birthday, and therefore wanted to have it all yesterday.
 Siena has figured out how to take pictures all by herself..
 As I mentioned before, Siena loves to dress herself. This morning after finishing doing my makeup I looked over at Siena to find her like this:
  She got a hold of my pajama pants and wore them around the house all morning.
Having a toddler wear your pants will make any woman's pant size look large..time to hit the


  1. hahhah I thought, Kristin is probably thinking...oh man, her whole body fits in my pant leg! BUUUT those are PJs and also, Siena is the tiniest little squirt! Then I read your last sentence! hahahah too funny! You look great, Kris! & she is the cutest little stinker!

  2. Loved your posting of the two favorite people in your life, Kristin! Siena is a tiny little bug! Happy Birthday to you, Joel! Maybe one day you will get the card from me. I am terrible about getting my cards out on time! Love you three! You have my heart!

  3. Love you too Gmother!

    Rach- Yeah I know right?! I actually didn't think about it until I was writing up this post, then it dawned on me..haha love it! She's so funny