Friday, March 22, 2013

A visit from Cne and a daddy-daughter date!

Last weekend Cne came into town. It was so fun having her here and the weekend went by way too fast. Somehow I managed to only take 2 or 3 pictures though. So lame. Thankfully Cne had a few she had taken too.

We went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time, and look at this adorable jacket we saw! They had such cute stuff!
 We went and tried out the park that's just down the street from the new house too. Siena loved the slide. Check out what it did to her hair
 Siena wearing her "I heart auntie" shirt with aunt Cne.

In this next one Siena is trying to put her pants on her baby doll. We were laughing so hard watching her

Today I was trying to get a little packing done while Siena was playing. I looked back to see this... Look what we're cooking up for dinner tonight!!
Joel and Siena are right now on their first-ever daddy daughter date. I was so excited and thought it was too cute and therefore I had to take pics. They went to the park. Let me just tell you, the second Joel mentioned the park Siena started yelling "PLAY!!!" over and over again. She was so excited!
 Can't you just see the excitement in her face?!lol

Whenever she leaves Joel or I, or anyone for that matter, she says "bye! Luh you." (translation: love you) and does her own version of the sign language for I love you. It's adorable. I caught it on camera tonight.
 Aren't they so cute!?
Siena continued to yell "Play" all the way out the door and all the way out of my


  1. she is so dang cute! We miss you guys like crazy and can't believe how big Sienna is getting!

  2. Oh, almost every blog entry, I think, well this one is my favorite! Really though, I LOVED the cute little daddy-daughter photo shoot with her giving the I Love You sign! It just melted my heart! Thanks for sharing and looks like Cne is going to be just the best auntie! Glad you had a chance to get together!

  3. 1. She is Joel's clone! OMG. I've always thought that but it's just been confirmed in all these pics.
    2. HER CURLS. Love them. I don't think I'll ever have a child with curls but one can hope.

    Hope all is well! Love you guys!