Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Siena's Homemade Christmas Presents

 I made 2 gifts for Siena this year for Christmas. I made a table tent and the Olliblocks. I'm super happy with how everything turned out. Here are the pics:
Please ignore the wrinkles..lol You get the idea though.
 And these are the cute little blocks:

I'm kind of in love with the blocks. They're so fun!
Oh, I don't think I mentioned how I made those cute little hairpins that I made for my neice. I just painted them with my nailpolish, then sprinkled glitter, and then once they were dry I painted 2 layers of poly-acrylic. I've used that turquoise colored one a few times already and haven't had any issues with it chipping or anything.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Choo Choo! and baby yoga..lol

We recently got a book that has a train in it and Siena loves to say choo choo. We think it's the most darling thing ever! Here's a sweet little video of that:
I have also been doing these exercises for my knees recently and Siena has started doing them with me. I luckily was able to catch it on camera on Friday.

Christmas Dress and an Austin Food Trip

 This weekend we drove down to Austin to have "The Don Juan" at Juan In A Million. It was basically a large mound of eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese and then you get tortillas to make breakfast burritos. It was super tasty and the best part, it was only $4.50! It fed Joel, Siena and me all from that one plate! IT was awesome.

 Then since we were already down in that area, we headed over to get some carrot cake french toast from Trudy's.  It was also suuper tasty and we were all very satisfied by the end of it all.

 Here is the little dress that I made for Siena for Christmas. As a fun side-note, I got the fabric for the dress from a garage sale for about 50 cents, the lace on the trim was some lace that came from an old-school pillow, and the zipper was from my old prom dress. Such a fun recycle.
I also modeled it after this dress from Zara.com. Love the way it turned out.:)
dress with lace trim on hem

Merry Christmas!

Siena's Sleeping Collage.:)

 Joel and I have been talking about doing a collage of all the sleeping pictures that we have of Siena for a little while, but we finally downloaded them all. Here they are!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Tis The Season

 Just a few things as of late:
The other day Siena had a little feast and she loved her green beans the best. How awesome is that? She kept asking for more.
 We went to a little Christmas party at Joel's work! We ate lots of cookies took a picture with Santa(I'll save that picture til the end), and Siena made a little ornament.
 We also got to see Dad's little workspace!

 I had to switch out Siena's shoes! We're on our last set. Next time she needs shoes we will have to go up do Dallas for a check-up. p.s. I think I spent 20 minutes trying to put them back together..lol couldn't seem toget them on the right sides.
 This is a picture from yesterday. Siena was copying mommy as she checked over the ads.
 She had lots to say about them.
 Little Christmas spoiler..Here are the little hairclips that I painted and glitter-i-fied for my Neice for Christmas..(the teal one is for me though..lol)
 This is the bow-tie that I made for my nephew. If you want to make them, I thought the tutorial that I linked below was pretty good. I liked following the tutorial bc it kept me on-task..lol I did change just a few things, but It was pretty good over-all

 I also cut my hair. There was 12 inches that were chopped of! I couldn't believe it was that long! I haven't tried it curly yet, but I'm kind of excited to give it a try!

Here is the epic Santa picture:

As a little side-note. This morning Joel showed me CeeLo Green's version of "Mary did you know" and to be honest, my first reaction was: was it disrespectful?lol But it was the exact opposite of that..it  was beautiful!  I even teared up to be completely honest. His version put with the Bible Series video was amazing.

Here is the link if you want to check it out: CeeLo Green: "Mary Did You Know"

Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays have been full of cheer so far!