Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Dress and an Austin Food Trip

 This weekend we drove down to Austin to have "The Don Juan" at Juan In A Million. It was basically a large mound of eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese and then you get tortillas to make breakfast burritos. It was super tasty and the best part, it was only $4.50! It fed Joel, Siena and me all from that one plate! IT was awesome.

 Then since we were already down in that area, we headed over to get some carrot cake french toast from Trudy's.  It was also suuper tasty and we were all very satisfied by the end of it all.

 Here is the little dress that I made for Siena for Christmas. As a fun side-note, I got the fabric for the dress from a garage sale for about 50 cents, the lace on the trim was some lace that came from an old-school pillow, and the zipper was from my old prom dress. Such a fun recycle.
I also modeled it after this dress from Love the way it turned out.:)
dress with lace trim on hem

Merry Christmas!

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