Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home for the Holidays

 For our Christmas vacation we headed over to Houston to see family. It was such a fun time! Cne even agreed to taking some new family pictures for us! Here are some of our faves!

 She did such a great job. Thanks Cne! Other than that, we did a lot of hanging out, watching movies, playing games, going to the movies..etc. We had such a fun time!
 This little girl loves hats!
 And computers.. she looks like a pro!
 She also loves her Papa Reichert! And thank goodness he took pictures, because we didn't take very many.

Hope your holidays were just as wonderful as ours were!


  1. Beautiful family pictures! Love your short hair! :) Siena has grown so much.

  2. These pictures are just beautiful of your family! I would love to have one made up of you guys. You look so pretty in the peach shirt, Kristin!