Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Live Nativity

Last night we went with Doug and Tricia and some of their family to a live nativity.  It was a lot of fun! We got some good pictures too. These first 2 were when I was trying to figure out the best settings for our camera..but I think they're kinda cool.

P.s. It was FREEZING!! 20 degrees! Wahoo!lol but still fun!

Our first attempt of a picture with a camel

This guy was going around asking if your baby was a boy and how old..Beckham nearly slid by!

Siena with a donkey

The cute Sommers family!

Joel with the 3 wisemen!

Us with the awesome camel!

A lady spinning thread

Baby Beckham in his modern-day

It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed looking at all the costumes and really getting into the Christmas spirit!


  1. Great photos, Kristin and Joel! I absolutely LOVE your hair, Kristin, and now that it is so long, even prettier! It is your crowning glory!