Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Campfire, dress up and garage sales..:)

Joel was reading Siena's favorite book to her before leaving for work

She sleeps in the weirdest positions!

Siena loves snuggling with Daddy while he's working!

I made some chocolate banana bread a little bit ago, and Siena LOVED IT!:)

We went this last weekend and did a campfire with some friends. There was a donkey nearby and Siena was not a fan!

I let Siena have a chocolate cookie and she was in heaven!

Last weekend we got a few dress-up items for Siena at garage sales and she especially loves her skirt!lol

Our finds this last weekend at garage sales:
We got 
  • 2 blue ray dvd's for $3 each (How To Train Your Dragon and A Bug's Life),
  • 3 more dvd's for $2 each (Lion King, The Wind in the Willows, and Tinkerbell)
  • a Tinkerbell dress-up outfit and a fluffy dress-up skirt for free (It was the same garage sale as the movies and I guess the ladie's sister didn't want to go down in price on the I'm pretty sure she gave us the dress-up stuff for free!)
  • A pair of jeans for me which surprisingly fit PERFECTLY, for $2
  • and the Racquetball racket was actually from craigslist for $5. 
Anyway! That's the latest here. Hope things are going well for you!


  1. There was a donkey nearby??? Wow, I was miss oblivious....haha oh cute Siena...she LOVES that skirt :)

  2. lol it was by the parking lot. And yes she does! It's so cute! she brought it up to me today wanting me to put it on her!