Monday, September 3, 2012

When Grandpa came to town!

 My dad, Ron, was in town this weekend! He had work up in Dallas and drove down to spend the long weekend with us!  Although it was only a weekend and therefore a short little trip, boy did we take advantage of it! We went to the children's museum, went and saw the new Batman, went and saw the bats in downtown Austin, went out to eat a couple of times, saw the capitol building, etc. It was a great weekend and it was so fun to have him here!

Siena LOVED all the colorful golf balls!lol

Our little construction worker!

She had so much fun at the museum just running from thing to thing!

Afterward we headed over to Hopdoddy! SOO yummy!:)

Little miss loved reading with Gpa

She loves to click her tongue. Joel got a picture

At the capitol

Under the dome

At the bats

While at the bats we saw 2 characters from 30 Rock the TV show(the 2 guys in the picture)

She loves Grandpa!

Our little diva! the stroller didn't roll well on the gravel so we carried her in the

the fun decorations inside the Freebirds downtown!

We loved having my dad here! It was a great weekend! Hope you had a great labor day weekend!

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  1. These are such fun pictures of all the good times together! Your mom must be dying, seeing these pictures and she wasn't able to be there!