Thursday, November 7, 2013

Overdue Halloween Pictures and Videos.

We had such a fun halloween. I posted some of these pictures already over on, but I didn't post any here ya go!
I absolutely loved watching Siena trick-or-treat. She ran from house to house saying "I go-a next!" She was loving it. (p.s. that car starting in the video was not one of the cars she was running towards.

When we first started out the people on our street would just put their basket out and let her grab her own candy..the only problem was that she didn't understand the concept of only one.

At one of the first houses, they opened the door, Siena walked right in and then proceeded to take FIVE pieces of candy and threw it in her bucket. She then said very sweetly, "Happy Halloween!" hahah. Whoops. Good thing she's only 2 and they were laughing with us.. whew.. that coulda been

We worked on her door approach for the next couple houses after that. About 3 houses later she stayed outside when they opened the door and if they held out the bowl, she only took one.

We also quickly found out that Smarties are her absolute favorite. Anytime someone would hold the bowl out to her she would only pick out smarties if they had them. If they didn't have them, you could see her pause and scan the candy for smarties before "settling" on a snickers or She is one funny girl.
I believe I posted on here last year with her "door approach," so I made sure to get a quick video of that again once the night was over. She had it down, it was so cute to hear her tell the people "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" without me having to prompt her.
 Halloween morning, Siena and I went to a little fall festival here in town that was a lot of fun. We got there pretty much as it was starting and that meant that the lines were pretty short. I was happy that the face painting line was only 1 person long because later when I saw the line it was like 20 people long and wasn't moving (they only had 1 painter working..that poor woman!). Siena was so excited to have her face painted with a butterfly and has since done lots of "pretend play" face painting on my Joel and I with her finger being the paintbrush and her hand holding the "paints".

Siena loved the carnival games that they had and couldn't get enough of them.

She also got to go inside and explore a firetruck which she loved. When it drove away she started crying and saying "My firetruck!" It was pretty cute.
By the time we got home this is what her "butterfly" looked like:

While driving home I heard her saying "I wipe it off mommy!" and I looked in the rear-view mirror to see her wiping her face on the white tulle of her dress. AHHH! I was freaking Luckily it came out, so it's all good.

Joel and I have also been working on all sorts of projects trying to get things done before this baby comes. Here is a pic of Joel sanding down our computer desk:
Isn't he a stud?! The desk was a red stain that I didn't fit the vibe of our house so we sanded it and restained it. Here is the finished product after re-staining it.

 We got a cool little handle a while back for it too from Hobby Lobby that I love. So much better than the little dinky bronze-y one it came with when we got this desk from a garage sale.
I love the end result!!
Some of you may have seen the picture of our side table as well. I found one old-school picture with it barely in the background from before when it was green. Maybe you can get an idea of what it looked like before. It was entirely painted this green color, that we really loved, it just didn't match anymore.
See it back there? super hard to see, but you can get the idea.
And here is the end result after sanding and painting and staining:

It's been lots of fun doing so many projects recently. This is only scratching the surface of all the fun things we've been getting done around here. LOTS of sewing, cleaning, cooking, baking, fun-having has happened over the last little bit.:) Life is good guys! Life is good.


  1. Cute pictures!! Love seeing all of those! Great job on the refinishes!!

  2. The furniture refinishing has become quite the hobby! Like your work and the things you turn out. Also, loved the running video of Siena. She did a bit of that at the zoo, didn't she! Great posting!