Sunday, May 29, 2016

Photos of the Kids

 I am going to try to get caught up on our blog. I have gotten pretty behind, so excuse my photo dumps I will be doing this week!

Out by my parents house there used to be this gorgeous field that was perfect for photo shoots. They have recently torn it all apart to put in town homes, which makes me so sad because it was such a perfect and beautiful area for photo shoots! Anyway, here are some adorable shots I got of the kids out on that field!

This picture and the next one of Siena really capture her sweetness! I love this little girl!

 How on earth did I actually capture photos where everyone is happy and basically looking at the camera!? Seriously though, that really surprised me when I got home. I usually just keep snapping pictures and then when I get home I hope that I captured some good ones, and this time it really worked out!:)

 This little guy is so sweet and gentle natured. We love our little Declan
 Then there is cute little Brighton who is just a sweet ball of pudge! I could just eat him up!

 I caught these next shots a few days later as well.

 Brighton was crying that he was cold. Poor guy, but so stinkin cute!

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