Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween! And a couple other things..

To start off, Happy Halloween! Hope it was a good one for you guys!
Joel and I didn't really do anything to celebrate because our ward party was on Friday and we both work until late on Fridays and that was pretty much the only party we knew about..However..I took it upon myself to make sure we felt a little "halloween-ish." After church(of course) I re-did my make-up fun with a spiderweb and painted my nails orange.  I figured that even if we didn't do anything to celebrate it should at least feel like Halloween.

Here's a pic of that:

Yes, I am a dork. Anyways..A few other side notes as to what we've been doing recently..
Pretty much we just go to whatever sporting event is going on here.. here's a pic from one of the soccer games:
And last but not least, one of Joel's mission buddies(Elder Gade) came over from California last weekend with his girlfriend and I got to meet them so that was fun. And just to follow the trend, here's a pic of that as well:

So anyways, as I said earlier, I hope you all had a great halloween!


  1. Yay happy Halloween! I love your webby makeup!

  2. Kristin, everytime I looked at your blog it showed only your first post. I don't know what the deal was but now I am on to it. Loved your photos and the cool Halloween spooky make up! lol Did you and Joel get my Christmas present to you? I sure hope so!

  3. I think if you were to set your blog up to show the LATEST one you have written that would put people on to your blog better, Kris. Good luck in finding any time to write on it. I heard about your busy schedule. Man, all you kids are really burning the midnight oil! Can't wait to hear about Dallin's mission call in just a few minutes now! Yay! Thanks again, Joel, for sending out those wedding photos. I have them ALL on my computer now! Nice!