Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TP fun

Today while I was getting ready, Siena made her first mess with toilet I know there will be worse messes in the future, and since this one was small, it was pretty cute! She was so proud of herself!

The weather here has been wonderful! Yesterday it was in the 70's. The funny thing is that just last week it was cold! This weather is insane!lol But we love the warmth so keep it coming! Here's a picture from when it was cold out.
 I also let Siena feed herself the other day. What a fun mess we had to clean up

 I painted Siena's nails and mine too today.  I turned on some kid's show on Netflix for about 2 minutes while I painted them.  She never gets to watch TV, so sat perfectly still while being completely entertained. Sorry little miss, this is a one
 Funny thing is it was totally easier to paint her nails than it was to paint mine. Hope you're having a great March so far! There aren't many days left!


  1. So cute, Kristin and Joel! But she looks so happy making a mess! Cute mama hands with baby hands photo and all the "pretty in pink" nail polish! There is a young girl missionary here that wears pink A LOT! She has a hot pink back pack and wears hearts a lot, too. Guess what, she was born on Valentine's Day, too! Nice girl from Utah. I call her Sister Pink sometimes. Enjoy your pink days, too, with Miss Siena!

  2. Haha, thanks Gmother! That's cool that she was born on Valentines day!