Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trip to Colorado

A few weeks ago we took a trip out to Colorado. We had so much fun visiting with Joel's extended family!
The first night we were there we headed over to Uncle Virgil's house to hang out for a bit.
 Siena liked the3D glasses.:)

 We left a little after Siena's bed time so she was fast asleep just minutes after leaving Uncle Virgil's house.
 Joel and I got to go to the Denver Temple too while we were there which was great!

 Siena posing like the model in the mall.
 It was a little chillier there than us Texans are used to. Siena finally got to test out her big puffy coat we got her from a garage sale a few months back.

  Siena and Nana got to ride on Gigi Germa's staircase seat thing. You just sit on it and push the button and ride on up the stairs!lol Pretty cool stuff.
 Siena put the little teddy bear to bed in the trash can. Kinda gross, kinda
 She also got a scarf that Gigi Germa made for her. She loves it!
 Being a diva at Target.
 Climbing the high chair like a jungle gym
 We went out to dinner one of the nights with lots of family!

 Siena doesn't really like dogs unless they're on the computer screen or in this case, a She walked right up to it and even gave it a kiss! Pretty surprising, considering that she cries any time a real dog walks up to her.

 Siena with Uncle Vernon and Aunt Katherine. We had so much fun staying at their house and spending time with them!
 Pictures with Grandpa Ivan and Grandma Marge.

 Siena was even fine with petting the massive horse!
 We even got to ride on a little carriage ride.
 We also went to this cool restaurant called The Elephant Bar. Siena loved seeing the giraffes and the elephants.

 It snowed on the day we flew out. Our flight got delayed a couple hours, but we got to sit through them de-frosting our plane which was kinda entertaining. Looks a little like something from a space

We had such a fun time visiting with family and really enjoyed our stay in Colorado. Hope all is well with you guys!

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  1. This looks so fun! You look great and Siena's hair is getting so long! Those curls are so beautiful! Ah!