Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bear Lake Trip

Apparently I never hit publish on this post..
This last weekend(Memorial Day weekend) we took a little trip out to bear lake. We specifically chose a beach-y location because we had heard that the beach/sand can be a little challenging once Siena has her prosthetic. The trip was fabulous and so relaxing. It was also cloudy and rainy the entire time.. Not really ideal for a lake vacation, but we still had a blast! The condo we stayed at had an indoor pool and so all was well.:)

Since it was so cold we mostly spent our time at the indoor pool, but one of the days we bundled up(except for Siena.. Not sure how we missed that she was wearing shorts when we left. Kids are crazy though. She didn't complain about the cold) and headed out to north beach for a little drive and ended up stopping and getting out for about 10 minutes of beach fun.
Declan trying to figure out where his built in chew toy went..
It was so cold and windy, but the kids had fun building their mini sand castles. We were literally the only people out on the beach. We only saw about 3 cars drive by too while we were out there. No one else was stupid enough to get out in that but it sure was pretty!
We also got to check out some of the fun restaurants up there. Our favorite for sure was cooper's where we got pesto Alfredo chicken pasta that was so flavorful!

We had such a great time! I love family vacations!

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