Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baby Blessing Dress

I had to make a religious item for one of my classes this last semester and so I chose to make a baby blessing dress.  When I decided to make that, we didn't know what gender our baby was going to be, so good thing it's a girl!!   Anyway, here's the picture:

The beading is from my wedding dress.  I'm thinking I'll probably add more beading and such, but I just needed to get it to an ok state so I could turn it  So that'll be a summer project.


  1. This was just so sweet, Kristin! I know you have put a lot of love into that little dress. We love our children even before they ever get here! I heard about your little accident and so glad you are doing well. It made me sad to think you could be hurting so. Sure happy that Rachel was on the scene and looking out for her cuz. I talked to Rachel this morning and she sounds good and happy for the good times you two couples have together! Have fun tonight with James and Brian! Love you! Grams

  2. Im glad you put this up! I can see the detailing on the dress a LOT better than I could on skype :)