Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun times and a 7 month old

Things have been good here in the Reichert home. After weeks of new sicknesses, and a messed up sleep schedule, Siena has officially started sleeping through the night again! Wahoo!

Joel finally found out his start date at Dell.  He will be starting August 6th.  We are so excited for that!

The other day, I decided to try putting Siena's hair in a ponytail.  I know it's pretty short, but it actually worked! It looked pretty silly, but I am proud to say that Siena's hair is actually long enough to go into a ponytail!:)
Yesterday we babysat for our neighbors baby, and Siena had so much fun having another baby around!
She kept grabbing for his binky

She was working so hard for his

Beckham loved the buttons!

Beckham found 2 of Siena's binky's, and man was he proud of himself! So funny!

Siena took a bath in our sink last night, and she loved it!


If you can't see it, she is concentrating super hard to catch the

She even attempted to drink out of the

Last but not least ladies and gentleman, we have a 7 month old! I can't believe how fast it's going! We took her 7 month picture, but unfortunately she didn't want to sit still, or leave the paper alone, but the pictures turned out pretty cute!


  1. OH MY GOSH! She is SOOO cute! I'm dying over her cute smile!!

  2. I love the pictures of them playing on the keyboard together! sorry beckham got her binky, he has a knack for finding them!

  3. That last picture was just the cutest! Of course, they are all cute but you saved the best for last. Her holding up the sign was just clever and darling of her! Loved all of it, Kristin! I appreciated so much the news, too! Thanks, Sweetheart! Guess you will be leaving for family visits before too much longer now.