Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just another fun morning

Joel and I took Siena to a Men's Volleyball game last Friday night! It was so fun! She was so serious though it was hillarious! By the end of the night she was smiling though so that's good. Side note: BYU won. Go Cougars!

 This morning, Joel gave Siena some of his smoothie.  She LOVED it!
 Her mustache just kept growing up her face!
 and growing
 and growing
 Joel unbuttoned her outfit to change her out of her pj's, but then we ended up leaving her in them for breakfast..notice her tummy hanging out.
 She's also getting really close to crawling! Joel's just helping her out a

 How does little miss sleep like this? She's always asleep on her side with her head way back. so funny.

On another note, I've been contemplating doing another blog for all the yummy food that we make and enjoy.  It would probably just be recipes that I found on Pinterest, but loved/sometimes tweaked a bit. We shall see.  I did mention that I love to cook/bake, but did I mention that I'm REALLY good at making messes?

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  1. I save some of your pictures on my computer, Kristin and Joel. Loved the cute one of you teaching her to crawl, Joel and her looking over and grinning real big! I'd sure enjoy the cooking blog, Kristin! I LOVE reading cookbooks, whether I cook anything out of them or not. I'm a sucker for them and have too many cookbooks! Thanks for sharing! Love you guys and my ggrand is adorable!