Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning Animals

Joel loves to teach Siena new things. We have this cushion in her room that has animals on it.  Today, Siena and Joel were in the other room and this was what I overheard.  "That's a lion, it goes ROAR, that's a mouse, it goes squeak squeak. That's a giraffe, it goes ribbit ribbit.."  Huh..I didn't realize that the giraffe was a part of the Amphibia class and the Ranidae family(aka a frog).
Happy Father's day!


  1. Cute, Kristin! Joel, you are such a fun Dad I bet!As for the giraffe sound? I think she will believe whatever you tell her! lol We had a Hess family (I think her name was Katie) just move into our ward today from Austin, TX. Her husband is an oncologist and doing his residency here, I think. She knew right where all those BYU couples are settled into an apartment there in Austin. Happy Father's Day, Joel!

  2. That's fun! Ya, apparently these apartments are pretty "famous" for having a ton of BYU ppl here. It's been great so far!