Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our First Few Days in Austin

We are officially in Austin! It's been great so far. Besides the fact that it took us 20 minutes to get home from Walmart when it should have only been 5 minutes, everything has been running smoothly.lol We love our new apartment and all the people that we have met here.  Everyone so nice and welcoming! I'll post pictures of the apartment next time, but here are a few random pictures:
In the plane on our way back to Houston from Kentucky
First Sunday in Round Rock
 Siena's Great Grandma came into town yesterday to meet her for the first time.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Siena with her on my camera.
Siena with her Doll from Great Grandma Germa

Siena with Grandma Reichert
 Joel also had his first day of work at Dell yesterday! Such an exciting day!
Joel, after his first day of work. Ain't he cute?!:)


  1. We are so glad to have you guys here! Best neighbors ever. :)

  2. Your apartment looks so nice! I'm glad you are liking it so far. I can't wait to see more pictures of your place. We miss you SO dang much!

  3. Kristin, thank you for bringing me up to speed a little on your doings! So fun to see these great pictures of you all. I'll look forward to the apartment photos, too! Love you guys so much!

  4. You're living in Round Rock now? What ward are you in? My family lives in Round Rick!