Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth

Hope your 4th of July was fantastic! Ours was! You know how on some holidays you get to the end of the day and you just think "wow! We totally just got the most out of this holiday!" well, that's how ours went. We hade French Toast, went to a parade, went grocery shopping for a bit, watched a movie, made "burgers" and fries, and even went to watch fireworks.All in all, it was a fantastic day!
 Here are some pictures:
Stephanie(my sister) made this super cute bow that was all fourth of July festive, but unfortunately I had just cut Siena's hair and it wouldn't stay in her hair..This is the only picture that I got of it too. Lamesauce! The good news->it will still be in style in a year when she has more hair!

We went to the Round Rock parade

She was so intrigued by all the people in the parade
Poor thing was so tired by the end she just laid on her dad's

 People started clapping so Siena joined in..pretty cute.

That night we got Siena up and went to watch some fireworks

I love this cute little girl!        

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  1. So fun! Loved this, Kristin, and love you all! Wish I could hold and hug and kiss you all, too! Especially, the little urchin! She is so cute and was fun to see the little mini video with her clapping! Sounds like you have acclimated quite nicely into your new surroundings!