Sunday, July 22, 2012

Siena's 1st Birthday!

I can't believe that Siena is one year old! It's so crazy that only a year ago we met this sweet little girl! She's such a joy to have around! We love this little one so much! Happy birthday to my sweet little miss.
We have so many fun pictures from all of Siena's birthday festivities! Here we go!

We got a coupon for a free kiddie cone from Maggie Moo's for Siena, and boy did she like her chocolate ice cream!

These pictures are from her little birthday party that we had last weekend for her
The picture joel snapped while I was putting the party together(in the dark I might add!lol the power was out the 2 hours before her party was suppose to start)
 I caught Siena sneaking a peak of her presents before I had wrapped

 Eating her cupcake:

Wow..such a lady..(this one is for Cne)

 She loves her new sunglasses that she got from some friends at her birthday party!

 This is how Siena eats a

 Opening presents:

 Just chilling eating birthday pancakes. :)

Happy 1st birthday sweet little Siena!


  1. Happy Birthday to that sweet one! I have a present for her but now to get it in the mail. What is your new address, Kristin and Joel? Wish I could have given a birthday hug and kiss to her personally. How about passing it on for me! These pictures are so cute and the one of her looking into the box with her mouth open is priceless! So cute!!! You three are such a cute family! Glad to see that your sister got to come for a visit, too, Joel. That must have been fun and also a help because I know she could not keep her hands off of the baby girl. Glad to see that you all seem to have settled in nicely in your new surroundings. Love you very much! Grandmother

  2. I love all the pictures! I'm glad to see you have a blog, I love reading blogs. Those little star sunglasses are pretty cute I must say :)

  3. Oh, it was so great to have her here! And yes, she was a great help as well! Her birthday was so fun! We miss you! I will send you our address in an e-mail.

    Cami- thanks! Some pretty awesome people gave them to her!:) And she loves them!