Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A weekend in Houston

Last weekend we traveled over to Houston to have Siena's 12 month appointment and to visit Joel's parents. Here are some of the fun photos from that trip.

We stopped off in Brenham at the Blue Bell factory on our way!:)

I think she liked it..

Siena always has her ankles crossed. Cute.

Siena got to open birthday presents from Gma and Gpa Reichert

 We went out to eat

And last but not least, we went and got Siena's ears pierced. We have been talking about doing it for a while, but never fully convinced ourselves, then we saw how much it would cost and that pretty much decided it for us. However, Gma and Gpa Reichert gave us money for Siena's bday for us to go get her ears pierced, so then we had no excuses!
 As you can maybe tell by this next picture, she was not so happy about being held down.  This picture was only after they cleaned her ears off..they didn't even poke her yet..
 Ok ,this is where it gets heartbreaking.  Poor thing was NOT happy about being held down! Unfortunately we had just taken her in to get her vaccinations the day before so she knew that being held down meant not-so-good she was ANGRY to say the least..poor thing
 This next picture is right after having them pierced.  As soon as Joel was allowed to let go of her, she calmed down.
 As you can tell, she still looked pretty sad, but especially once she had her bottle, she was just fine.

Still felt bad, but they look so darn cute on her, I'm glad we went ahead and did it. Besides, like I said once she was "set-free" she stopped crying, and by the time we were out to the car, she was smiling again.:)

We also got to go to the temple with Joel's parents on Saturday. Since we don't live near a temple anymore, it was so great to get to go again!


  1. I'm totally turning you in for child abuse! Just kidding, I love little baby girls with earings, so cute!

  2. Her earrings look so cute!! I'm glad she did ok ;)

    And that picture of her crossing her little feet in her carseat is to die for!