Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy anniversary to us!

2 years ago today I married my best friend. To say that I have the best husband would be an understatement.  Tonight when Joel got home from work, he could tell that I was stressed, so what did he do? He whirlwind cleaned the entire house (including doing all the dishes...there was A LOTTT, sanitizing all the countertops and table, put away all siena's toys and vacuumed the entire house). It didn't stop there though, he bathed Siena, got her ready for bed and put her little shoes on AND put her to bed, singing her a song and all! Happy anniversary to me! I love my Joel! He's such a wonderful husband and a great father! Siena just adores him! Here is to 2 years love and many more to come!



  1. AW! I love your facial expression in the picture of Joel feeding cake to you :P

  2. That was the sweetest story! I sure love and appreciate you, Joel, for being so good to my granddaughter and great grand, too! You two make such a great couple and I want to wish you a belated Happy Anniversary!!!