Friday, November 16, 2012

What a cheeseball! and a papasan chair make-over

 About a week ago I went with a friend to target because they had all their halloween stuff marked down 90%!!! I got this next little costume for $2. It's going to be too small for Siena next year, but I figured maybe a future child could wear it. I tried it out on Siena though. She's a fan!

We painted the little nightstand in the next picture. It also matches a small cute yellow bookshelf that we painted as well. I want to put cute handles on it eventually, but I like how it turned out. The yellow shelves were Joel's idea.
 We also found this miniature papasan chair at a garage sale for $2 the other day and couldn't pass it up. Literally the night before we found it, Joel and I were joking about wanting a papasan chair for siena..what are the odds on that one!?!?
 We painted the legs because they were originally a purple color and then re-covered it with new fabric. I'm kind of in love with it!:)

I think Siena likes it
What a cheeseball!! This is the smile we get when we tell her to say cheese.
 She also  showed off some muscle by carrying it around..

 Before we put her down for a nap or to bed at night we always sing "I am a Child of God." Joel began singing it the other day at random and this was the face she gave the entire way through it (I think she thought she was going to bed..):
 This was my birthday "cake" on monday. Brownie ice cream sundaes. Yumm!
 Any time Joel lays down on the ground, Siena goes and lays down next to him.  I love it, it's SO sweet!

We love our little cheeseball! She's the best!


  1. i'm totally laughing at that face when you sang "I am a Child of God"

    Pavlov at it's finest.