Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Festival and Halloween Fun!

 On Wednesday Siena headed off to the Round Rock Fall Festival. The theme was Cat in the Hat and they had come really cute decorations. Most of the things they had were for kids a little older than Siena or her little buddy Charlie, but we went on the hay ride and Siena seemed to enjoy seeing all the kids all dressed up, so it was a fun time!

 On the hay ride.

That night we went to the apartment's little scavenger hunt that they had.

She even got a yummy cookie.:)
 And as you can tell, she was LOVING it!
 We then went trick-or-treating for a bit with our friends, the Craguns. It was a lot of fun to watch the little guys get so excited about it all. Siena caught on quickly and loved knocking on the doors. For the majority of the houses we went to though she kept giving them her candy. She completely unloaded her stash into one person's candy bowl. Atleast she's willing to share..:) It was so cute!

She ate a little rice crispy treat that she got. Also, if you look closely at the next picture you will see blue on her face. Somehow in the time it took for us to drive from trick-or-treating to our apartment, she managed to open a blue sucker and we were greeted with a blue smile when we got home. Funny little thing.

 The next morning, this is how we found her. Why do the sleeping pictures never get old.. at least to me they don't!

Look at that cute little bum.

And one more..just can't resist:
Love that one. Hope your Halloween was chock full of fun!


  1. Trick or treating was WAY more fun than I thought it was going to be! Darling little cuties. I also love the sleeping pictures! I'm just glad Blakely is not taking the shots of me :)

  2. That picture of Charlie and Siena at the door, they are so little and SO SO cute. How fun! I love your picture on the hayride also.