Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Love Halloween!

Ok, I Love halloween! I think it's so fun! I love to dress up and come up with costumes and such, so I think that it's great. Last night we had our ward's Trunk-Or-Treat and it was so fun!:)

 Can you tell who we are? I'll give you a hint..:

 I was Katniss, Joel was Peeta and Siena was Effie Trinket from Hunger Games. I totally loved putting these outfits together. I did a little lipstick on Siena and she was so mad about that

She also LOVED the trick-or-treating. She started crying when we took the bucket from her to buckle her into her car seat.
 We also went garage sale-ing and found some great 18-24  mo. old clothes for Siena and a few other things.
Have a great weekend!


  1. You guys looked too cute. I love when the whole family matches!!

  2. Since I hadn't seen Hunger Games, I didn't know who you were but you sure looked like you were having fun! So cute your story about Siena and the lipstick thing. She better get use to it! LOL

  3. thanks! And yes,lol she will have to get used to it..but I suspect that if you give her about a year or 2 she'll be begging for especially with how much this little girl likes to dress up!